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The Heart of a King is narrated by a mythical being, a storytelling Dwarf Poet, Emerson (Son of Abcán, the dwarf poet and musician of the Tuatha Dé Danann). It's a story of a dragon that lays siege on a small kingdom, causing the people to cower in fear. The only one brave enough to fight the dragon is the aging king. Though he is afraid, the king puts on his armor and rides off into the dark forest to slay the beast. All to save his and all the families of his kingdom.

The book appeals to adults who want a beautifully illustrated storybook for their children that exhibits bravery and the true power of love. Children, teens and adults will love the intricate, detailed illustrations which display an undeniable sense of whimsy.

A children's book for all ages


Book Design by: Carley Brown

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