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About Brian Dyker Brown

Brian Dyker Brown (Dyker) has been an artist since early childhood winning art contests as early as 4th grade. After college, while still pursuing his craft, he became a successful insurance executive handling the risk management needs of clients such as: The Ritz Carlton, City of Atlanta, Cabbage Patch Kids and the Great American Cookie Company. He also helped found and run a few successful insurance related companies.

Since his recent retirement from insurance, Dyker has been focusing his talents on producing compelling works for children. His self published book, "The Heart of a King" has sold thousands of copies and has a dedicated fan base. It is a timeless story with beautiful and detailed classic illustrations. Dyker is currently actively working on a lullaby book and an illustrated trilogy consisting of "Rhymes for Modern Times".

Dyker resides in Atlanta, Georgia where he occasionally performs as a street artist. He is proud of being a slightly below average singer/songwriter in addition to being an above average Dad to his three kids.

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